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5 letter words made by unscrambling letters BROOD

boord 8 brood 8 dobro 8 droob 8

4 letter words made by unscrambling letters BROOD

boor 6 bord 7 brod 7 broo 6 doob 7 door 5 dorb 7 odor 5 ordo 5 rood 5

3 letter words made by unscrambling letters BROOD

bod 6 boo 5 bor 5 bro 5 dob 6 doo 4 dor 4 obo 5 oor 3 orb 5 ord 4 rob 5 rod 4 roo 3

2 letter words made by unscrambling letters BROOD

bo 4 do 3 ob 4 od 3 oo 2 or 2

Definition of BROOD

  • Brood - Kept for breeding from; as, a brood mare; brood stock; having young; as, a brood sow.
  • Brood - Sitting or inclined to sit on eggs.
  • Brood - To have the mind dwell continuously or moodily on a subject; to think long and anxiously; to be in a state of gloomy, serious thought; -- usually followed by over or on; as, to brood over misfortunes.
  • Brood - To sit on and cover eggs, as a fowl, for the purpose of warming them and hatching the young; or to sit over and cover young, as a hen her chickens, in order to warm and protect them; hence, to sit quietly, as if brooding.
  • Brood - Heavy waste in tin and copper ores.
  • Brood - That which is bred or produced; breed; species.
  • Brood - The young birds hatched at one time; a hatch; as, a brood of chickens.
  • Brood - The young from the same dam, whether produced at the same time or not; young children of the same mother, especially if nearly of the same age; offspring; progeny; as, a woman with a brood of children.
  • Brood - To cherish with care.
  • Brood - To sit over, cover, and cherish; as, a hen broods her chickens.
  • Brood - To think anxiously or moodily upon.

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