Saccharin(n.) A bitter white crystalline substance obtained from the saccharinates and regarded as the lactone of saccharinic acid; -- so called because formerly supposed to be isomeric with cane sugar (saccharose).
Saccharinate(n.) A salt of saccharinic acid.
Saccharinate(n.) A salt of saccharine.
Saccharine(a.) Of or pertaining to sugar; having the qualities of sugar; producing sugar; sweet; as, a saccharine taste; saccharine matter.
Saccharine(n.) A trade name for benzoic sulphinide.
Saccharinic(a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, saccharin; specifically, designating a complex acid not known in the free state but well known in its salts, which are obtained by boiling dextrose and levulose (invert sugar) with milk of lime.

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